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Send individual, bulk and automated SMS messages to accounts, contacts and leads in Dynamics 365

Reach Your Accounts, Contacts and Leads via SMS: Users can send individual SMS messages to accounts, contacts and leads and track SMS history. Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can also change the preferred contact method to allow or block any SMS message based on account, contact and lead preferences.

Send SMS To Multiple Records Using Your Marketing Lists: You can send multiple SMS messages to your marketing lists. The solution supports both static and dynamic marketing lists so you can use the same list the next time you are sending a text message.

Send Automated SMS Using Workflows: Incorporate individual SMS messages inside your workflows and include dynamic information from your Dynamics 365 system in the message sent.

SMS Provider Support: Dynamic SMS supports both latin and arabic characters and currently works with the following third-party SMS providers:

Note: In case you plan to use the solution with another SMS provider, please contact us and we can add it for a reduced fee.


Monthly Plan: 15 usd/month/org.
Yearly Plan: 165 usd/year/org.

Additional details available at

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