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Enlyft provides deep account intelligence data.

Enlyft enables B2B Sales & Marketing teams to discover best fit accounts among tens of millions of companies worldwide by targeting technology adoption and hundreds of business attributes. Our AI platform predicts who needs your technology products and when they are ready to buy. What's more - Enlyft gives your teams access to business critical insights about each account in seconds - for confident, targeted and effective outreach.

We do this by combining sales & marketing optimized AI models with proprietary data collection mechanisms to generate the richest, most reliable and up-to-date database of prospect data in the market. Enlyft is a seamless part of your workflow through easy-to-use website, plugin, LinkedIn contacts, Dynamics 365 integration and much more.

The world's most productive teams rely on Enlyft's AI driven account intelligence to prioritize and qualify their prospecting pipeline and win more business - for a fraction of their budget.

Our Dynamics 365 integration enables you to:

  • Leverage Enlyft Account Intelligence data directly in Dynamics 365 through CDS
  • Access technology usage, firmographics, buying intent data, and more
  • Enrich leads, opportunities, accounts, and other entities
  • Enrich new and existing entities – automatically and in real time
  • Access all account lists redeemed through Enlyft in Dynamics 365 - for a consolidated view of your prospecting funnel
  • Keep your data clean and up-to date with regular Enlyft data refreshes
  • Enable third party / custom solutions to leverage Enlyft data
  • Complete flexibility in adding Enlyft data into forms, fields, tabs, workflows
  • And much more…

Note: Our application is available only for existing customers. If you do not have an active subscription with Enlyft, contact us to get started.

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