Vaccine Data App

Autor: Exigo Tech Pty Ltd

Maintain your employees’ vaccine certificates without any safety concerns with the Vaccine Data App


The Vaccine Data app by Exigo Tech is a secured platform that enables businesses to store the vaccine certificates of their employees. Several preferred employees (such as the Human Resources (HR) department) can be granted the admin rights. To ensure that the process of uploading the certificates is properly regulated and executed, the application allows multiple people to have admin rights.

  • An easy to use and access interface for the employees to submit their certificates in PDF format.
  • An audit trail is available for the employees to see all the activities on their certificate to give them a better sense of security.
  • A centralised dashboard for admins to know the number of submitted, pending, approved and rejected applications.
  • An email notification is sent to every admin when a change in certificate is made by any employee.
  • The certificates are stored in Azure Blob Storage to cater to security and confidentiality requirements.
  • “Delete the Data” button, is available for employees to enable businesses to adhere to the GDPR compliances.

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