Glympse for Field Service and Deliveries

Autor: Glympse

Live location tracking and data to improve operations and customer experience

Are you struggling to balance providing great customer service with cost-saving initiatives? Glympse can help! 

Our customers trust us to provide the best location-based experiences and the data they need to enhance performance. The data and customer experience that “to the door tracking” provides for field services, roadside assistance, and deliveries creates measurable efficiencies and significant cost-savings. 

Benefits for your operations: 

With Glympse, you gain visibility into ETAs for each job, distance traveled, time on site, customer feedback and more. Giving you valuable data to streamline operations. 

We provide notifications, live tracking, accurate ETAs, and communication tools to give customers and dispatch teams clear visibility. The result is fewer missed, delayed, or rescheduled appointments, fewer calls to customer care, efficient appointment execution, and faster time to revenue. 

Benefits to your customers:

Your customers will know exactly when to expect you - starting with a notification the moment a field service appointment or delivery is booked, to a live map view showing “On the way!”, through a final confirmation when they arrive. Plus, immediately capture appointment feedback so you can respond to concerns in realtime. 

With Glympse's live maps, your customers can finally manage their day effectively. You’ll eliminate frustrating wait windows that your customers have been tolerating for too long and turn these moments into value-building, engagement opportunities. 

Glympse is pre-integrated with Dynamics, so it’s fast and easy to add location-powered customer engagement. 

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