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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) with Dynamics

Secure Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Fully SaaS, cloud-enabled, and multi-tenant PRM solution. Easy to adopt, quick to deploy, simple to customize. An enterprise-class solution for managing every step of your partner ecosystem lifecycle from partner recruitment, cooperatively marketing and selling, to performance management.

Impartner PRM is available with an out-of-the-box integration with Dynamics 365 CRM that ensures a bi-directional, real-time sync of your partner data. A UI-based, self-service mapping tool is included to easily make modifications to your integration configuration. The mapping tool provides options for when accounts and contacts should be provisioned from PRM to CRM and vice versa, among other settings and filter options – including auto validation of your settings to protect your data integrity.

Using our managed solution, we connect your data directly from the partner portal to your Dynamics 365 instance – ensuring that only the right information is shown to the right partner. Data is always updated in real-time to keep your data integrity intact. Partners have a window into your CRM from the portal and your channel managers don’t need to leave Dynamics to manage their partners and view pipeline reports.

Benefits to help you grow your indirect channel revenue:

  • Accelerated indirect revenue using automation
  • Increased engagement: dynamic targeted content and segmentation
  • Automated partner onboarding: more partners = more revenue
  • Optimized training and enablement
  • CRM Sync: easy, self-configurable integration
  • Dynamic Forms + Workflows: scalable partner management
  • Partner Journey Builder: automates progress and rewards
  • Deal Registration: accurate pipeline management
  • Channel Intel: performance analytics and reporting
  • Asset Library: unlimited digital asset management
  • Content Management: personalized messaging

Highlights for Dynamics:

  • Seamlessly integrate partner pipeline and more into your Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Easily configure and manage your integration between CRM and PRM – including the ability to select sync directionality on a field by field basis
  • Energize your partners with an easy-to-use interface, and a personalized partner experience
  • Ensure your data is secure through Impartner’s robust security protocols
Take a short interactive tour of Impartner to see the integration in action.

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