iPX – Intertec’s Integrated Patient Experience

Autor: Intertec Systems LLC

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Intertec’s Patient Experience(iPX)

Intertec’s Patient experience(iPX) healthcare add-on  support teams who engage and manage “Patient” relationships across the complex combination of hospital systems—including multiple EHRs, locations, specialties and operating units; and manage daily hospital processes.

This platform helps the hospitals, clinics to manage the doctor’s appointment booking through call center which is integrated with patient experience module. The integration to HIS (Health Information Systems) or Electronic Health Record(EHR) provides the 360 degree view of the patient to the call center agents. This includes the patient’s last visit, diagnosis, next appointment, missed appointment etc.,

The solution provides an opportunity for the hospitals / clinics to look at different options on how to plan the patient journey, their experience etc., Solution being on one single platform, the decision making becomes simple and faster.

This platform allows the hospitals / clinics to  explore the options where doctors, nurses, and administrators to work together; and enable agility to eliminate inefficiency, improved decision making to deliver high-quality care for an increased patient’s satisfaction.

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