Twilio SMS & WhatsApp for Dynamics 365 Marketing


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Add text messaging to Dynamics 365 for Marketing to reach, engage & communicate with customers.

Twilio SMS & WhatsApp is a solution that, through Dynamics 365 Marketing functionalities, allows your business to offer a personalized channel of communication with your clients: SMS Messaging.  

With Twilio SMS & WhatsApp you can send messages to your customers quickly, efficiently, and easily from Customer Journey.

This solution empowers your sales, customer service, and marketing team to have direct communication through SMS & WhatsApp messages with your customers.

Twilio SMS & WhatsApp for Dynamics 365 Marketing Capabilities:

  • Send SMS & WhatsApp messages directly to Customer (Lead or Contact)
  • Send SMS & WhatsApp custom messages to Customers, for example, "Hi, {@firstname}, welcome to ITSOURCING" or “Hi {@lastname}, this is an example with field lookup  Account  {},  and this is an Option Set Account {@parentcustomerid.@account.industrycode}
  • Send scheduled SMS & WhatsApp messages to 1 or more Customers and customize messages
  • Create SMS & WhatsApp message templates to be used in a Customer Journey
  • Send SMS & WhatsApp messages from the Customer Journey using pre-created templates
  • Build triggers to validate Only SMS message responses
  • Footer SMS Template Messages
  • Works with incoming Messages for SMS, for example:
    • Opt-Out: Keywords: cancel, end, quit, unsubscribe, stop, stopall
    • Opt-In: Keywords: start, yes, unstop

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