Smart Email Monitoring

Microsoft Labs

Ability to check an email queue and send alerts if any mails are in pending or idle for an hour

The Smart Email Monitoring solution uses one plugin and two workflows. Plugin will trigger on creating record and updating the queue in existing record in Email Monitor Config entity. While creating the record it will create a record in Schedule Process entity which will trigger the workflow and this job will run for every one hour. Workflows uses assemblies which check the mails configured queues and send the alerts as mentioned below. • If any pending status emails exists in queue, then email alert will be sent from configured user to configured emails in Email monitor Config entity, else won’t send any alert. • If email not received in queue from last one hour, then it will send test mail to queue incoming mail id, after for 10mins checks for the mail received or not, if not send alert to the configured emails. Note: Solution does not handle if any action performs on queue mails
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