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SuperGrid Package


Edit CRM Entities down the Column like an Excel both in Main Grid and Sub-Grids

Super Grid for Microsoft CRM is a powerful and productive add-on that simplifies how the user wants to edit the data and/or add new fields within the records of an entity in either standard or customer CRM views saving many clicks and time. Super Grid in Sub Grid further simplifies the data entry/modification giving the users the much needed on-the-fly data editing options. With this, users can get rid of the tedious process of opening each record of an entity to edit or add data thereby saving significant amount of time and business efforts.

Super Grid ensures Excel like editing of data records with On-Demand and Auto Save options. While on-demand requires users to manually save the data after each edit, auto save will automatically save the data without you having to worry about clicking the Save button every time after each edit.

Super Grid applicability can be limited to certain fields or beyond based on the configuration settings that provides options such as Read-Only Fields, Restricted Fields, Required Fields, Business Rules, Aggregate Fields and Grouping Columns.

Another important feature of Super Grid is the validation check which ensures that all fields’ data are rightly entered as per the accepted field boundaries.