Predictive Customer Lifetime Value

paiqo GmbH

Predict an individual value for each of your customers - up to one year into the future.

Our Predictive Customer Value (PCV) solution predicts the (future monetary) value of every single customer based on his or her past orders. Every customer and order in your Dynamics 365 (D365) system is analyzed and taken into account for the prediction. You can choose different prediction horizons (e.g. customer revenue in the next 3 or 6 months). Furthermore, PCV computes the probability that a customer will not buy anymore, i.e. he or she churns. The value prediction and churn probability can be consumed via an app or embedded into any report/view. Our pre-built app enables you to focus on your high-valued customers with a high churn probability to prevent the loss of this customer. On the other hand, it shows customers who have an upsell potential. In this way, we enable sales and marketing employees to focus on the high-valued customers, potential churners or potential revenue increase. Otherwise, potential churners get lost in the shuffle and do not generate revenue in the future.

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