VirtlX 360˚ Employee Engagement Platform


VirtlX assists Human Resources & Marketing with dynamic, effective employee and customer engagement

Does your People Strategy revolve around a Digital Strategy?

Revolutionise your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with VirtlX's all-in-one management platform, which compliments your existing HR systems, and present your company as a modern, encouraging employer that embraces technology!

Traditional HR platforms address tasks such as employee leave and payroll, human capital management, workforce management, resource planning, etc.
VirtlX fills the gaps that traditional HR systems are lacking:

  • Free up hours, days or even weeks of your time by ditching spreadsheets and other documents
  • Gain unique insights into employee-engagement, -satisfaction and -wellbeing with Pulse, 360˚ & Peer Reviews within a day
  • Almost instantaneous employee appraisals
  • Company-wide sentiment at the click of a button
  • Bespoke, self-authored employee training material and testing
  • Customer sentiment analysis on service and products
  • Utilises Net Promoter Score¹ and VirtlX Experience Index methods

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VirtlX Reflect presents multiple tools to assist HR personnel in understanding your employee dynamics.

Tools available include:

    • Pulse Surveys
    • Employee engagement and wellbeing
    • Employee satisfaction
    • 360° reviews
    • Peer reviews
    • Employee appraisals
    • Line manager upward feedback
    • Developmental Framework for skills gap, training needs and competency assessments
    • Ability to review and compare your regional/branch/departmental data
    • Onboard authoring tool for creating your own training material and tests
    • Dedicated Communicator incorporating email, SMS and WhatsApp
    • Cost-effective, scalable subscription model with flexible commitment terms
    • VirtlX also offers optional AI models for Data Classification, which classifies data into 2 categories e.g. predict if comments are positive or negative sentiments, and Value Prediction which predicts numeric values from your data (regression) e.g. predict the Employee Experience Index for future months.

    ¹ Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc, Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld

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