Legal Practice Management for Dynamics 365

Autor: Skyline Consultants LLC

Case Management, Calendars, Time and Billing, Tasks, Expense management, Invoicing, and Reporting.

Manage your legal practice processes in one place!

Skyline Legal Practice Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the first comprehensive solution for law firms available on Microsoft 365. Combining the powerful capabilities of CRM, Emails, Documents, Task Management, and Communication on a single platform, Skyline Legal allows organizations to manage all documents, appointments, and matter details in one seamless process. Extended capabilities are also available for time-tracking, invoicing, and expense management functionality.

Deal with Matters efficiently

Skyline Legal is a comprehensive Matter Management system built on top of a CRM, giving your attorneys and staff the core relationship management functions in addition to commonly utilized features such as task management, email tracking, time, and expense management and more.

Track Estimates and create Invoices

Legal Practice Management for Dynamics 365 covers everything that law business needs – from managing employees’ time&attendance (Toggl Track integration) to the invoicing and billing (QuickBooks integration) - and that is all built on the top of Dynamics 365 client management system. No need to manually calculate remaining hours in comparison to estimated time – everything is done automatically and synchronized from Toggl Track, stored under your Matter record in Dynamics 365, and added to the next client invoice. After approval, Dynamics 365 will automatically push the Invoice to QuickBooks on demand both for the specific invoice or in bulk.

Skyline Legal for Dynamics 365 key features:

  • Matter management and segmentation;

  • Automatic expenses and invoicing;

  • QuickBooks Integration;

  • Time tracking add-on;

  • PowerBI – Company overview dashboard;

  • Automatic folder creation;

  • Embedded emails and correspondence.

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