BE-terna Insurance CRM

Autor: BE-terna

BE-terna Insurance Solution – custom made CRM solution for the insurance industry.

BE-terna Insurance CRM solution is tailored for the Insurance industry, built on Microsoft technology, and leverages the Power Platform capabilities and benefits.

The cloud solution allows you to work from anywhere and anytime while contributing to success by tracking customer activities, managing KPIs, reducing operational costs, and optimizing resources with tailor-made data models and processes designed for Insurance sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

This collaboration tool, proved and tested by Microsoft, extends and complements the core insurance system's capabilities to provide business digitalization and a more prosperous customer and employee experience.

The comprehensive solution contains four key modules which make it so powerful.

  • BE-customer-centric module provides a complete customer overview streamlined from different data sources into one digital profile that helps your sales, marketing, and customer service departments get known better customers and provide a personalized approach in every interaction.
  • BE-compliant module enables your employees to cooperate with the customers, following GDPR rules, and manage personal customer data with a guided step-by-step process.
  • BE-proactive module optimizes and automates customer service, sales, and marketing processes and increases employee productivity and efficiency to enhance customer retention and satisfaction.
  • BE-engaged module ensures storing all customer communication into one single database. It increases customer satisfaction and engagement through traditional and modern communication channels by providing them omnichannel experience and agent-assisted service in every interaction.

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