CMMN Modeler


Web-based Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) Modeler using the emerging CMMN notation standar

With the CMMN Modeler (, you can quickly and easily create case management models using the CMMN standard, which provides an efficient notation for capturing less repeatable, dynamic, information-rich contexts. Document the ad hoc scenarios faced by knowledge workers in which they need to respond to a continuous flow of business events, data and documents.

Here are some of the main feature of the CMMN Modeler:

  • Create graphical case management models understandable by business and IT stakeholders.
  • Link business events, data and documents to actions.
  • 100% Complete CMMN conformance
  • Work on CMMN cases and models together with your team
  • Maintain alignment with reference frameworks or enterprise architecture.
  • Bridge the gap between case modeling and implementation.

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The CMMN Modeler does not support Internet Explorer 8. It requires a per user subscription with a free 30 day trial.