Discovery Accelerator


Business strategy planning/lightweight business architecture tool. Discover the Why, Who, What, When

Discovery Accelerator (, allows you to answer the questions that matter to your business. Discover the “who, what, when and why” of how your organization gets the tasks done. Start from a blank slate, a W5, Balanced Scorecard or a SIPOC board. Import existing documentations or procedures, Discovery Accelerator will adapt to you.

Here are some of the main feature of the Discovery Accelerator:

  • Capture the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of an organization.
  • Accelerate discovery using existing corporate documentation and industry frameworks.
  • Specify business goals and analyze how they relate to activities.
  • Analyze and assign responsibilities using RACI charts.
  • Analyze the interrelationship of information and events with activities.
  • Capture and analyze time, cost, value and quality metrics for activities.[#LI] [#LI]Maintain alignment with reference frameworks or enterprise architecture.[#LI] [#LI]Export information for input to strategic planning or modeling activities.[#LI] For more features and videos, please visit The Discovery Accelerator does not support Internet Explorer 8. It requires a per user subscription with a free 30 day trial.