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CS Multi Project Editor

Campana & Schott

4.0 (1)

Bulk edit project master data. Select, check out, edit and save multiple projects with one action.

CS Multi Project Editor App extends Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Project Server 2013 with a data table showing your projects and all Enterprise Custom Fields. Easily select, check out, edit and save multiple projects at a time. Profit from an up-to-date portfolio and take faster decisions.

Project Management Offices are responsible for an up-to-date project portfolio. This requires editing project master data on a regular basis. Adjusting this information usually implies to select a project, open the 'Project Detail Page', check out the project, update the fields, save and check the project back in. In average, all these actions take at least 3 minutes – for a single project. How many projects do you need to update?

CS Multi Project Editor App provides a simple solution to accelerate your daily work. Open the app and view your projects in a table. Each line displays a project, each column shows an Enterprise Custom Field, configured in Microsoft Project Online or Microsoft Project Server. Click on a column header to sort the projects according to your needs. Select the header options to enable or disable displaying Enterprise Custom Fields.

Editing of project master data cannot be easier. Select multiple projects while pressing the SHIFT and/or CTRL key. Click on 'Edit selected' to check out the projects. Checked out projects are marked with green background color. Perform your changes by editing the fields for various projects. Click on 'Save changes' to save and check in the projects again.

Your benefits

- Save Time: Edit multiple projects with one action

- Faster Decisions: Hold your portfolio up-to-date and take better decisions


- View your projects in a grid

- Mark multiple projects with SHIFT and/or CTRL

- Check out, edit, and save selected projects with one action

- Customize your grid: Select Enterprise Custom Fields to be shown in the grid

Available Languages

- English

- French

- German

- Swedish