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4.0 (3)

Create a beautiful launcher for your SharePoint site.


- Full-screen tile-based launcher / dashboard

- App-part launcher / dashboard you can add to your publishing or site pages

- Mobile responsive (try adding it to your phone's home-screen)

- Easy to setup and manage (no marketing or IT required)

- Fully customizable look and feel (via configuration, or use your own CSS if you like)

Give your users a clean, modern interface to find what they're looking for, without all the noise of a typical SharePoint site.

This app allows you to create a mobile friendly, tile-based dashboard from scratch, without the need for any developer or designer intervention.

However, if customization is required, you can have that too! You can change almost all the default styles via configuration. If that's not enough, you can even provide your own CSS to style it to your liking. See the instructions at http://pulseapp-public.sharepoint.com/launcher.

Try Launcher today! You won't be disappointed.