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Words Finder

Garden City Consultants

A tool in Word and Excel to find a word by typing the starting letters.


Words Finder Word (Excel) Add-in is GCC first add-in in Word. It can be used in Excel.

Words Finder is a tool to help people find words. We all have the experiences that when typing a word, we don't remember how the word spells, but we know the letters that word starts with. That's when the Words Finder comes in handy.

When typing letters in the editable box, the user see a list of words start with the typed letters showing up for the user to select.

After the user select a word from the drop-down, its definition is shown in the definition box for the user to confirm the word. When the user find the word, click the Add button to add the word into the document.

Note, the first service call is the slowest. Please wait for a few seconds after entering the first letter when using the add-in the first time in each time.

The word definition is converted from an online free dictionary. It is for helping select the word and is not intended for an official word dictionary.


  • Download this add in and start Word 2013 SP1 or later.

  • Find GCC Add-in in the menu bar and clicking Words Finder button to activate the add-in

  • Type several characters and use the Words Finder to find the full word.
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  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474846017/Product_42949680398/Asset_a4afaf05-bd1e-491c-b17b-827af624a81d/WordPal1.png