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Keep your Canadian Payroll Tax Deductions all in one place on Microsoft Excel & save time & money.

Simple Payroll tax deductions for Canadian business owners on Excel.

Excelling Payroll is the complete Excel Canadian tax deduction add-on for Federal Tax, Provincial, CPP, QPP, and EI updated to Canada's current tax rates effective January 1st, 2018.

With only a few simple clicks, you can automate your tax calculations and add templates.

Calculations cover all Canadian Provinces, Federal, Quebecs Federal, Quebec Pension Plan, Employment Insurance. Begin to DIY (Do It Yourself) and save time, money and take control.

With Excelling Payroll for Microsoft Excel you can:

Have unlimited control - Take Control of your companies payroll tax deductions on Microsoft Excel instead of paying large sums to Accounting Softwares.

Personalizable and Automated - Keep it simple by doing multiple employees tax deduction calculations all in the same place.

Simply Canadian - Our first release covers all Canadian Provinces for just $40 / year bought through our website starting July 1st 2018.

Simple Calculate - Just fill in your gross pay, pay periods, claim codes, exemptions & CPP/EI YTD on our Excelling template, then select which calculation you need and correct fields to Simply Calculate your tax deductions.

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