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MailClark: Email, Facebook, Twitter bot


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Manage & respond to emails, Facebook and Twitter messages in Microsoft Teams.

MailClark is Your Smart Shared Inbox Within Microsoft Teams.

Bring the power of a shared inbox within Microsoft Teams to easily engage your teams in workflows related to messages management. For every Customer Support, Sales & Marketing, Project Management or Recruitment team, MailClark centralizes shared inboxes to optimize productivity.

What You Can Do With MailClark

Centralize all your communication tools (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, any IMAP, Facebook page or Twitter account) into your team channels.

Receive and send external messages from Microsoft Teams: emails, Twitter or Facebook messages.

Collaborate with your teammates on external messages directly into Microsoft Teams: choose an assignee, keep track of message statuses, reply to your emails, etc.

Insure continuity in conversations with your leads, customers, suppliers, applicants or any external contacts.

Which Teams Does MailClark Work for

  • Customer Support Centralize all your customers' messages in one Microsoft Teams channel to improve your team collaboration on customers inquiries. Break silos between teams involved in the customer care process and respond faster to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing & Sales Centralize and improve your Marketing and Sales actions within the same workspace to align your teams around leads management. Easily handle your customer journey from the incoming lead to its customer transformation, to end with customer care.
  • Recruitment Centralize candidates' emails for a new position in your Microsoft Teams and make the decision process collaborative including other teams in your recruitment process if necessary.
  • Project Management Centralize & manage all your projects in Microsoft Teams Workspace, and collaborate with all people involved: colleagues, partners, providers, customers or any external person to your company.

Recommended: you should have at least one Facebook and/or Twitter account to fully enjoy MailClark’s features.

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