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Pedagogical tool to create studyplans/courses, evaluate students, parent info/communication and more

Boost teaching and learning with educational tools for K12 to higher education.

Haldor’s award-winning educational tools enables educators to easily create courses, studyplans, assignments and assessments as well as closely follow student progress and development. All seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Teams.

The tools extend the functionality of Microsoft Teams with all the features of an LMS for schools from K12 to higher education. By choosing only the tools you need in your daily teaching you can tailor Teams after your needs. Or choose all the tools and get a modern, user-friendly LMS in Teams.

With Haldor Education in Microsoft Teams you can:

  • Create studyplans, lessonplans and curriculums with learning outcomes and content.
  • Embed interactive content, such as videos, Forms, Sways, documents and much more, to inspire learning and keep students engaged.
  • Assess and grade students based on national standards or your schools learning goals
  • Get deep insight in the progress of your students with the analytics overview
  • Follow student development and see if learning outcomes are being achieved with the student portfolio
  • See your personal timetable
  • Easily register attendance and absence
  • Work with and follow the progress of students with special needs or students who need additional adjustments
  • Get everything you need to book and carry out a parent-teacher conference
  • Work with preschool planning and documentation of preschoolers development
  • Quickly spread news and information directly to students and parents
  • Involve parents and let them be part in their children’s development
  • Make teaching and learning more accessible for all students with Microsoft’s Immersive reader integrated in studyplans, lesson plans, assignments and much more.

With Haldor Education you get simple, yet powerful tools for your school, that have been developed for all scenarios: learning in school, remote learning and even hybrid learning. Educators and student can work fully in Microsoft Teams, giving them a dynamic learning environment where they can achieve their learning goals with ease, no matter where they are.

Formative assessment made easy

Haldor Education makes formative assessment easier by letting teachers break down and clarify learning goals, so that students understand what they are expected to learn. Teachers can give continuous feedback on assignments and plans, helping students to make progress in learning.

At the same time, teachers receive regular feedback from the students and can adapt teaching according to students’ needs. The students become more involved in their own learning and the teachers have a good basis on which to make assessments.

Want to get started?

If it is the first time someone from your school tries Haldor Education, you will automatically get a 30 day free trial with access to all the features you want. Please note, you need a Microsoft Teams EDU license to use Haldor’s tools and services.

Don’t forget to visit our homepage to read more about our tools or use our knowledge base to get started.

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