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Standardise your output and enforce filing across your practice with FYI.

** To get started with FYI for Office, you must have an active Xero HQ account. Xero HQ is free to all Xero Partners **

FYI is the world’s most automated document management platform, designed exclusively for Xero practices. Through a unique blend of document management and CRM, FYI delivers a step-change in practice automation and efficiency for accountants in practice.

Employ FYI’s integration with Microsoft Office and its powerful template engine to drive consistency in every letter, spreadsheet and presentation deck

Key Features include:

Create practice templates for Word, Excel and PowerPoint to ensure brand consistency and accuracy

Merge client information directly to practice defined templates in seconds

Electronically review, approve and lock Microsoft Office documents before they leave your practice

Trigger practice workflows from with a Microsoft Office document

Save and profile documents into FYI without ever leaving Microsoft office

About FYI:

At FYI, it is our mission to liberate accounts - halving the time it takes to complete the work on each job, by ensuring that your entire team have all the information they could ever need.

Within the last ten years, the accounting industry has led the way in cloud technology. With the move online, Client Accounting, Tax Preparation and Practice Management have experienced a 'step-change' in efficiency and ease.

However, the time typically required to complete a job for a family group is always regularly upwards of 20+ hours. The lion’s share of this time is spent sifting through email, following up tasks and searching for source documents to get a complete picture of the group.

By embracing the power of the cloud, FYI enables systemised creation, intelligent capture and auto-processing of all clients’ interactions in a single, secure, searchable and disciplined platform.

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