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Handover - For Optimum Reports

Kode Solutions Multi Services Limited

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Handover helps you automate the boring stuff when writing your work reports.

Handover is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that helps automate the boring stuff when creating work reports!

With Handover, users are able to create reports seamlessly and in real-time to ensure that information required to sustain business operations are prepared more accurately and delivered on time.

Benefits of using Handover include:

  • Tracking of relevant emails and grouping of related emails under a task theme
  • Provision of single environment for collection, collation, and preparation of reports; all activities are carried out in the Microsoft Outlook environment
  • Allows for real-time creation, editing and visualization of work reports; the hassle of trying to remember work-done is taken away
  • Provides a uniform and structured method for organizations to prepare work reports as reports can be exported in a standard PDF format; this helps to build and sustain a quality culture for reporting across the organization
  • Improves organization productivity and efficiency; good information sharing practices reduces/eliminates schedule slip, cost overruns are a thing of the past, prevents safety incidents due to negligence or lack of information

Add-in Features

  • Customizable template for work reports. Different units in the organization can create custom templates to suit different job types. Each template is divided into sections that cover key areas relevant to job type and will form the structure of the final report.
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface to facilitate collation of information. User interface is clean and well laid-out and makes collection, collation, and update of information easy.
  • Auto-identification of information and cataloguing of tasks to be included in report. Based on user configuration, Handover utilizes key words and phrases to identify relevant tasks to be included by user in reports.
  • PDF feature allows for creating attachments to be sent by email to stakeholders. Once you are ready to send out your work report, with just one mouse click, your report is available in PDF form and ready to be issued.
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