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Auto Folder Metadata


Powerful tool for migrating from file share to SharePoint offering labeling files with metadata

This add-in is a powerful tool when you move your organisation’s contents from a file share type of system to SharePoint Online. It helps during the migration process and can be continuously be utilized if your users prefer to interact with folder structures inside document libraries and lists. The general idea is to keep the metadata of files synced to their physical location inside folders in a list or a document library.

There are two main features of this add-in: Auto Folder, and Auto Metadata. For a quick showcase of what these features can do watch both of youtube videos at this address:


Key features:

  • Powerful tool for migration from file share system to SharePoint Online

  • Supports after migration files additions and updates

  • Simple settings with pre-selected most popular values

  • Supports almost every field type in SharePoint

Auto Folder Metadata supports most of the fields in most cases including single and multiple lines of text, choice, number, currency, date and time, lookup, yes/no, person or group, hyperlink or picture, calculated, task outcome, managed metadata and moderation status.

For the documentation, see https://objectifysolutions.wordpress.com/auto-folder-metadata-sharepoint-online-add-in/

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