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RtVision's Document Management


Create and sign documents using data from RtVision if an you have an account with us.

Using your RtVision Software employee account

You can

  • Create a data template in word or excel
  • Use existing templates to pull in data from our software
  • Create document approval workflows
  • Sign documents with cryptographic generated Digital signatures

or if you are not an employee

using your ConneX account.

You can

  • Sign documents with cryptographic generated Digital signatures

If you do not have a ConneX account one can be obtained from https://connex.uccs.com/signup.php

Schopnosti doplňku
Když se tento doplněk použije, může
  • Číst a měnit váš dokument
  • Posílat data přes internet
  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474849067/Product_42949683268/Asset_cb371991-d24b-4b15-b628-5d7af7a9159e/Screenshot11366x768.png