Glose For Education


Reading & learning platform with +4,000 free eBooks and collaboration tools

Glose for Education is a collaborative digital reading platform. Offering access to more than one million eBooks, including 4,000 free eBooks, Glose for Education fosters a social, fun, and engaging reading experience for a new generation of students. Students and teachers read and engage with each other through the ebooks they share in their digital classroom.

A Glose for Education account is required to use this app fully in Microsoft Teams. Access through the MS integration, and add eBooks to your teacher or student profile in order to read and collaborate in your MS teams environment.

4 features are available to MS teams users:

- The Glose e-reader: start reading any ebook in MS teams with your classmates using our great collaborative tools (emojis, highlight, extra comments in text, links, and audio in the margins of the eBook), our powerful features to boost comprehension, such as a built-in dictionary and translator (perfect for ELL students). Our reader also contains accessibility features with adjustable font sizes and typefaces, including a special “open dyslexia” font.

- Your activity feed: centralize all the conversations, comments, and reactions of these can then be filtered by student, teacher and type of annotations in order to facilitate a possible export.

- Dictionary: a place to see all the words students of your class have researched while reading, and their definition. A great place to generate vocabulary lists and work on lexicon.

- Reading statistics (for teachers only): Through simple dashboards, teachers can follow their students reading activity and engagement level. With access to real-time, meaningful data, school leaders can make informed decisions, intervene earlier with at-risk students, identify dropouts and students with difficulties, and adapt their teaching accordingly.

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