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Make Excel the face of your CRM

Short Introduction

Valorx provides 2-way connectivity between CRM and Excel. It allows users to manage every single CRM interaction.

Watch the video to believe it – a mix of speed, amazing UI and bulk data processing Excel Connector

CRM Prerequisites

Salesforce is the only support CRM at this time. Users will require a Salesforce subscription (Sandbox or Production) to use the Valorx Fusion add-in.

Use of this add-in is governed by the Valorx license terms and users would require a Valorx license to use Valorx Fusion add-in, except in case of trial in which case trial license terms would govern the use.

Key Product Principle

We believe that users should be able to use CRM in the most widely used productivity platform - Excel.

Valorx makes this happen by providing a natural Excel experience for both simple and highly complex computation needs while maintaining CRM's security and controls.

Admins and end users alike can now work with CRM at blazing speed in a single user experience. Need to view and work on CRM data from multiple objects at once? No problem!

From processing limitless records within seconds to simply viewing data in charts or pivot tables, Valorx has you covered.

Getting Started

Once you install the add-in you will be asked to sign in to your existing Salesforce Org (Sandbox or Production). Once you are signed in, you will be able to view and run the Apps assigned to you.

Valorx App Store

Why reinvent? Discover our Apps in Valorx App Store and make it your own. Download pre-built apps that could fit your needs.

All this is available in your choice of Valorx Runtimes: Desktop Excel, Cloud, Office for Mac and in the Web (GSuite and Office 365 Online)


Manage sales pipeline

Pricing/ Profitability Calculator – simply plugin existing spreadsheets

Opp Forecasting

Data Migration

Deduplication – Leads, Contacts, Cases

Data Maintenance - any object, build workflows as suited to your usecase with no query or volume limits


Excel is just the shell of your spreadsheet apps.

1000's of records across multiple objects synced with Salesforce. Fix any validation failures and re-sync.

Work naturally with Auto-Filters, Pivots, Bulk Find Replace


Express Mode

Customize Grids on the fly

Workflow Designer to visually design business apps

The best kept secret - our slick, modern and google's material design based "Valorx Design Studio"

Disclaimer: Valorx for Salesforce add-in does not support Internet Explorer.

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