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Mia Workplace Virtual Assistant for your Global Workforce on Microsoft Teams

Mia Workplace Virtual Assistant enables organisations to deliver the ideal Employee Experience to their workforce, by providing every employee with a personalised Digital Assistant within Microsoft Teams. MiA becomes the singular touch-point for employees to complete a large range of tasks, significantly minimising their need to switch between applications. The application provides an enhanced employee experience and helps improve workforce productivity, engagement, well-being, collaboration, knowledge-sharing and more.

We’ve broken down what MiA offers into 4 offerings, which you may even subscribe to individually.

MiA Core (Subscribe)

MiA Core provides several experiences to digitally help organisations maximise employee engagement and productivity, and delivers detailed workforce analytics.

- Productivity & Efficiency

- Easy completion of HR Self-Service

- Outlook Event and Planner Task reminders

- Company Notice Board

- Service Desk for ad-hoc requests

- Automatic capturing of daily timesheets

- Management of reserving office spaces

- Engagement & Well-Being\n- Routine Employee Well-Being checks & feedback collection

- Convenient Survey dissemination and response collection

- Reminders on team members’ Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

- Fitness Motivation and tracking\n- Analytics & Insights

- Personal insights on Timesheets, Productivity, Attendance & Fitness Activity

- Notifications to Team Leads on subordinates’ Timesheets, Productivity & Leave

- Dashboard Analytics on Workforce Productivity, Timesheets, Check In/Out, Leave, Employee Engagement, and Service Desk Requests

Ask MiA with GPT AI (Contact us to subscribe)

Empowers employees to instantly receive answers to any question, and generate customised content, by leveraging information across your organisation’s existing document repository. This functionality can transform knowledge sharing and task completion in any business function.

- Trained documents remain protected within your SharePoint, OneDrive, or other Document Repository

- Viewing permissions ensure that MiA generates responses for employees based on information they are authorised to access

- Continuously improve the efficiency of knowledge dissemination based on insights from the Ask MiA Dashboard, and employee feedback

Contact us at to provide feedback on this offering or to report inappropriate, harmful, or offensive content.

Ask MiA (Contact us to subscribe)

This offering leverages conversational AI to enable employees to instantly gain answers to questions from their organisation’s Knowledge Base. (This differs from Offering B as the needed infrastructure will be hosted by the provider, and it offers a simplified experience at a lower price point)

- Feed Knowledge Documents and manually enter question-answer pairs to build your Knowledge Repository.

- Constantly improve efficiency of knowledge dissemination through optimisations based on user feedback

MiA for Recruitment & Onboarding (Contact us to subscribe)

Streamlines candidate selection and onboarding, helping organisations hire and integrate the best candidate, every time.

- Easy access to candidate information and documents

- Easy completion of candidate evaluations\n- Seamless interview panellist feedback collection, and candidate status updating

- Configuration and automation of the ideal onboarding process to easily fulfil company requirements

Please note that each of the above offerings requires a license to utilise.

If you already have a solution in place with overlapping functionality, MiA can also be integrated to provide the ideal End User experience. Contact us to find out more.

For a deep dive into MiA, watch our in-depth video, or visit our website to book a time with us for a demo.

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