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Collaboard is a secure online whiteboard for visual collaboration.

Collaboard is a secure online whiteboard for visual collaboration, brainstorming, mind mapping, and project planning. Boost online meeting productivity and create outstanding remote workshop and training experiences.

With an emphasis on simplicity and user experience, Collaboard's intuitive user interface allows you to be productive within the first minutes.

On the infinite canvas teams work with notes, images, media files, documents, comments, and much more. Choose from our extensive facilitator toolbox incl. voting, presentation mode, locking, hiding, etc. Leverage over 150 templates to kickstart your whiteboard session.

Collaboards main use cases are:

  • Brainstorm with your team and leverage the voting feature to identify the best ideas quickly
  • Plan, execute, and track projects in real time for visual project management
  • Visualize processes and workflows with intuitive diagramming features
  • Virtual icebreaker games for online meetings and workshops
  • Interactive and dynamic presentations that will wow your audience

With the integration of Collaboard into Microsoft Teams you can:

  • add the app to the left toolbar of Microsoft Teams to access it easily within teams
  • add a board as a tab in your channel
  • start a whiteboard session directly in your Microsoft Teams call

In order to use Collaboard, you need to have an active Collaboard account. Please go to to sign up to Collaboard. With the Free Plan you can create up to 3 projects for free.

Collaboard is available as an app for Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365.

Visit our Help page to learn how to use Collaboard for Microsoft Teams.

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