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Easily Find, Use, and Organize PowerPoint Slides Across Your Organization.

Your Slide Hub for All Your Shared and Organizational PowerPoint Slides Across Microsoft 365!

Is making presentations that stay true to your brand taking too much time and effort? Are you struggling to keep track of and use your organization's PowerPoint slides because they're spread out over different places, devices, and platforms?

The Slide Chooser simplifies finding and sharing PowerPoint slides. It lets you quickly pull in slides that are stored centrally, making sure your presentations are current and match your brand, all while keeping everything organized in SharePoint based slide libraries.

This product makes it easy to access your shared PowerPoint slides right where you need them. You can swiftly add the latest slides to your presentations and keep them neatly stored in centrally managed slide libraries. This tool is user friendly to use, allowing anyone in your organization to create brand aligned presentations instantly.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless Slide Integration: Easily build impressive presentations by adding slides from your organization's library in PowerPoint.
  • Brand Aligned Presentations: Keep your presentations looking professional and in line with your brand by using the correct, on-brand slides.
  • Simple Slide Management: Keep your slides safe and organized in centralized libraries, making them straightforward to find and manage by anyone, tech skills or not.

With the Slide Chooser, creating presentations that reflect your brand and communicate your message effectively is simpler and more intuitive. This tool frees up your time to focus on your content, ensuring your presentations not only look good but are also cohesive and consistent with your organization's branded communication.

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About Us: officeatwork has been recognized with multiple Microsoft awards, establishing it as a leader in offering SaaS based Document Creation and Content Management Software Solution for Microsoft 365. By choosing officeatwork, you're joining thousands of organizations and millions of people globally in streamlining work, improving productivity and empowering your organizations branded communication within Microsoft 365.

Requirements: This product requires a Microsoft 365 Work or School account but is also available for Personal Microsoft accounts for free.

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