huminos for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Autor: SOE Technologies LLP

OKR Software to Accelerate Performance

huminos Add-in for Word, Excel & PowerPoint helps organizations and their users to align their work-items to align with their objectives. These aligned email items are used as a reference to the work done to achieve the Objective by the objective owner.

To use the huminos add-in, your organization must be registered with a paid service of huminos platform and the add-in must be enabled by the admin.

huminos enables you to create a culture of continuous feedback to align the whole team to achieve the most important goals.

huminos offers the following:

Performance Cycle & OKRs:

Configure half-yearly or annual cycle, set up and align OKRs, 1:1 meetings & check-in cadence to ratings and calibration.

Check-Ins or Progress Updates:

Post a progress update against one or more objectives including % completion, OKR status, initiatives, and blockers.

1:1 Meetings:

Set up a 1:1 meeting cadence with team members and capture meeting notes.

Multiple Feedback Types

Feedback on check-ins, end-of-cycle feedback, feedback to the manager, adhoc feedback to peers, etc.

Activities Alignment

Align your work items in Emails, Tasks, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, etc. to your objectives

OKR Coach

Learn in your workflow and take quizzes about OKRs, 1:1 meetings, Check-Ins, Feedback, and more.

Nudges & Chatbot

Interact with a chatbot for various actions or view all pending actions in the Nudges tab.


Summarizing performance made easy through preset templates on feedback, impact, strengths, growth areas, future experiences, etc.

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