In Case of Crisis

Autor: RockDove Solutions

Prepare, respond, and resolve emerging issues and crises.

In Case of Crisis is a purpose-built platform that helps your organization prepare for, respond to, and resolve emerging issues and crises by connecting your cross-functional teams and stakeholders to actionable playbooks, collaborative workflow, and powerful communication services. Through integrating with Microsoft Teams, your organization may have access to the following features and benefits, many from within your own Microsoft Teams channels:

App Features

-Easy, secure, anytime access to your efforts

-Document, manage, and resolve issues

-Create, publish, and access actionable playbooks

-Alert, activate, and collaborate

-Share and learn from insightful reports


App Benefits

-From your devices, your teams are always prepared with secure access to your issues and response efforts

-Issues are managed before they escalate to crises, protecting your people and reputation, and avoiding interruptions to operations

-Bring your plans to life with actionable playbooks that capture your best practices and workflow

-Create a protected space for your teams to collaborate, share updates, and communicate holding statements, position statements, and more

-Produce insightful reports that can be shared with your executives and key stakeholders to support more timely and better decisions

-Your business is protected with a platform that meets today’s security and data privacy standards


In order to access the full functionality of this app, users must have an active In Case of Crisis account. Please contact our support team for more details at

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