Dynamic Forms


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Quick Solution to creating dynamic forms for your company

We are still supporting this in 2023

Our add-in Dynamic Forms gives you the ability to create forms where you can add variable number of fields.

Not only variable number of fields, but you can also create different types of fields for example, Date, Short Text, Long Text, User Type, Choice

Some exclusive features of our Add-in include dedicated webparts to achieve each of the below listed functionalities.

  • Create forms with freedom to choose from number and type of fields
  • Instantly change the order of the Question appearing on the form
  • Create optional questions that show up on the form, based on choice values from previous questions
  • Organize / analyze the submitted responses
  • Use this functionality to create surveys / questionnaires / feedback forms

Basic Instructions:

Install this addin on a New Site.

Go into Site Pages > Set Dashboard.aspx page as the home page for the site.

Visit User Guide for more instructions.

We understand that requirements of every organization are different and hence we are open to make customized versions of this addin.

We also provide consulting and demo sessions on request to interested teams, to allow them better utilize the capabilities of the tool.

Please get in touch with us via our website or on our helpdesk csd at

Please only enable addin, do not default install

Add the Addin to sites manually, enable the auto provision of the lists & pages.

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