JavaScript Automation Development Environment (JADE)

Autor: Colonial Heritage Foundation

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Automate your workflow using JavaScript and the Excel API, storing your code in a ".xlsx" workbook.

The JavaScript Automation Development Environment (JADE) allows you to automate your workflow using JavaScript instead of VBA. Using the Excel API, you have access to automate a broad array of tasks from editing values, formulas, and properties of cells to creating charts, pivot tables, and conditional formats. You can even use JavaScript's power to access external data sources such as web pages, databases, and APIs. You can store your work directly in the workbook or deploy your code in a web-based code repository such as a github gist to allow centralized management of applications used by many people.

A major benefit is that all these features can be built into a non-macro-enabled workbook (.xlsx) file, so you can share your work with others without worrying that overzealous anti-malware software will interfere. However, if you please, automations made in JADE can work hand-in-glove with VBA macros and other add-ins.

You can use HTML and CSS to build beautiful user interfaces and even configure a workbook to show only the application you have developed--not the JADE development environment, so users of your work won't be distracted by features that are not relevant to their tasks.

You can build your automations using the built-in code editor, or by establishing your project as a Gist on, you can develop using your preferred local development tools, such as VS Code, and instantly deploy updates of your application to users all over the world.

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