LawVu for Outlook


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Capture and track important emails and attachments in your legal team’s system of record.

Email is the primary form of communication between legal, outside counsel and

their business partners, so a seamless, reliable integration with their legal

workspace is critical.

We provide a secure, efficient and feature-rich add-in that connects Outlook

with LawVu’s legal workspace so all important conversions and information

automatically lands in legal’s system of record. Create a secure, real-time

repository of requests, attachments and work in progress across your team to

reduce admin and duplication, and easily track, analyze and optimize workloads

- freeing up time to focus on high value work.

With the LawVu add-in for Outlook, you can:

  • File emails and attachments to a matter or contract in LawVu
  • Centralize, manage and track email conversations and files across your team

  • Track conversations to any matter or contract in your central repository

  • Quickly save important conversations and related records while you work

  • Automatically file subsequent replies on the same conversation thread with

    no additional effort

  • Easily attach documents from matters and contracts in LawVu without leaving


  • Create new matters and contracts without leaving Outlook, capturing all

    relevant fields based on the type of request

Latest updates

New features that further improve and speed-up workflows so your entire legal

team can effortlessly manage email filing:

  • Pin LawVu open within Outlook to easily stay on top of your filing and busy


  • Multi-email filing to save everyone time: select a handful (or folder-full!)

    of related emails and save or track them to a matter or contract in one

    step, rather than email-by-email

  • Avoid duplication of effort by having the add-in detect when a conversation

    is already tracked by a colleague

  • Simplified sign-in experience, and stay signed in for longer without

    compromising on security

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