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Surface user profile data from Microsoft 365 in the form of a directory.

The People Directory web part surfaces user profile data from Microsoft 365 to form a navigable organizational directory. Finding the right colleague can be a difficult task. The People Directory provides visitors with a multitude of options to locate and connect with contacts at your organization.

Use the traditional A-Z and pagination controls to browse through teammates alphabetically. Alternatively, smart search allows visitors to go beyond just searching for a name – search by department and job title too to discover colleagues from across the business.

People Directory offers you the following features:

  • Layout options - Multiple layout options give editors the flexibility to choose between a Standard, Tabular, and Compact layout to suit your content and page design. Pick between the Standard and Tabular layout for a full view of the People Directory or opt for the sleeker and minimalist form that the Compact layout provides.
  • Searchable - Easily locate colleagues from across your organization with the search bar in People Directory. Smart search allows you to by default search for various user profile properties, such as first name, last name, department, or job title, with results then dynamically displayed directly in the People Directory.
  • Intelligent suggestions - Connect users to relevant colleagues using the Recommended for current user option. This directory option leverages your Microsoft services to intelligently discover and recommend the colleagues they frequently interact with in Teams chat, Outlook email, and more.
  • Filtering - Additional filtering allows editors to refine the People Directory with relevant contacts. Use filtering to narrow contacts displayed to a specific department or filter out service accounts from view.
  • Viva Connections ready - Like all Accelerator apps, People Directory is compatible with Viva Connections. Part of Microsoft’s Viva Employee Experience platform, Viva Connections brings your intranet home page and content into Teams.
  • Responsive - The People Directory is optimally designed for any and all devices, whether your users are accessing SharePoint on desktop browsers or mobile devices. Browse, discover, and connect with colleagues wherever you are.

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*Claim a free trial with full functionality for 60 days. After 60 days, the People Directory trial will expire with instructions for purchasing a licensed version.

Learn how to download your free trial of People Directory.

*People Directory requires Microsoft Graph API permissions to be approved in the SharePoint Admin Centre.

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