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Autor: Wrepit AS

Bring your report or publication to life with easy-to-use design templates for important highlights.

The Wrepit Highlights add-in is an incredibly handy tool for anyone using MS Word to create reporting documents. Written reports, consulting reports, financial reports, and academic reports. With a click of a button, you are able to insert ready-to-use design elements templates that are proven to help bring any document to life. The design elements break up the monotony reporting documents are known for. Inspiring you to insert quotes, Key figures, beautiful visual breaks, and more.

Wrepit Highlights elements are designed to make any document look better and be of value to your readers. The add-in can be used standalone with both Word documents and exporting PDF documents, and is completely free to use.

Although it is not part of the add-in, Word documents integrate well with our paid, external Wrepit publication platform, which allows you to publish interactive website reports. Interactive website reports have been proven to hold readers' engagement for longer. Creating an improved reading experience. By using this add-in, the interactive reading experience is even better.

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