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Surface knowledge from across your business with a single plug-in, giving instant support to client

Achieve more with less effort using Pragma's AI Assistant

Are you tired of spending hours trying to find the right answers to customer questions or struggling to craft the perfect outreach message?

Pragma.AI is here to help.

★ Add FAQs, capture what customers are asking (Gong, Slack), and easily access internally asked questions and knowledge (Notion, GDrive and more).

★ Build a library of the most used answers and outreach messages, so your team can respond to customer inquiries quickly and consistently.

★ Improve your writing skills by using our rephrasing features

★ Quickly and easily create messages by describing them, so you can focus on more important tasks and achieve better results.

★ Get AI-based auto-reply suggestions to incoming emails

★ Ask questions on top of your knowledge base (Notion)

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7 day free trial and $19.99 per month per user

Možnosti aplikace

Když použijete tuto aplikaci
  • Posílat data přes internet
  • Tato aplikace může přistupovat a upravovat osobní informace v aktivní zprávě, třeba text, předmět, odesílatele, příjemce a informace o přílohách. Může tato data posílat službě třetí strany. Ostatní položky ve vaší poštovní schránce se nedají přečíst ani upravit.

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