eGain Knowledge Hub™

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Transform employee productivity and experience with eGain Knowledge Hub™ for Microsoft Teams


The integration with eGain Knowledge Hub™ allows employees to get help directly on Microsoft Teams. The platform enables both employees & service-desk agents and other users a range of ways to get to information from the common knowledge base, it ensures fast, consistent, and accurate answers. eGain Knowledge Hub™ for Microsoft Teams transforms employee productivity and experience by reducing the time wasted in looking for information and expertise.

The enterprise knowledge challenge

According to research firms such as McKinsey and IDC, employees spend 19% of their time looking for information in the course of their workday, not even counting the time wasted in recreating the knowledge they could not find. This results in lost productivity, poor employee and customer experience, poor decisions, and ultimately poor organizational performance.

How it works

eGain Knowledge Hub automates routine employee queries on policies, procedures, and functional knowhow. Powered by AI and ML, the eGain Virtual Assistant asks clarifying questions, where needed, to better understand user intent and delivers personalized answers from the eGain Knowledge Base which also federates across SharePoint repositories. The solution allows the conversation to be transitioned with full context to live chat, where subject matter experts handle the queries on eGain’s Advisor Desktop, while the user gets their questions answered from within Teams.


  • Pre-built and easily configurable
  • Connect and chat with an eGain bot
  • Receive accurate responses to your questions from your eGain knowledge base
  • Connect to an agent for real-time chat assistance


  • Improved employee productivity and experience since less time and effort is spent on looking for knowledge
  • Automated handling of routine employee queries with virtual assistance
  • Answers are presented to employees in the familiar Teams interface. No need to learn a new tool
  • Easy and effective onboarding of new hires


The users will need a Per Org App Licence.

For licensing information contact-us at:eGain Contact

At this time we do not support sending attachments, group chats, adding to teams channel and reacting to messages.

Možnosti aplikace

Když použijete tuto aplikaci
  • Posílat data přes internet
  • Tato aplikace má přístup k osobním informacím v aktivní zprávě, jako jsou telefonní čísla, poštovní adresy nebo adresy URL. Aplikace může tato data posílat službě třetí strany. Ostatní položky ve vaší poštovní schránce se nedají přečíst ani upravit.

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