Flash Reports for QuickBooks

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Refresh Your QuickBooks Online Finance Data Directly in Excel for Faster Reporting & Analysis

Flash Reports offers Outsourced CFO’s, Accountants, Controllers and Bookkeepers the ability to refresh QuickBooks Online finance data directly in Excel eliminating the need to continuously export and rebuild models and reports.

Flash Reports' tight integration to QuickBooks Online offers an easy-to-use, seamless experience enabling the creation and automation of more insightful, higher-quality reports and models that save users on average 3-5 hours per month.

Typical use cases include actual/budget/prior year comparisons, trend reporting, consolidating multiple entities, class comparisons, budget preparation referencing current year actuals, forecasting, margin analysis and alternative account hierarchy comparisons.

Flash Reports for QuickBooks can be tested with a free 14-day trial. See for details. An active QuickBooks Online subscription is also required to use the product.

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