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An interactive demo of the PowerExcel Add-in for Financial Planning and Analysis

Designed to improve your financial reporting experience with Dynamics, PowerExcel Online adds a new dimension to Excel, making it more powerful and scalable.

Downloading this free app from the App Source allows you to simulate what it is like to connect to and slice-and-dice a database in PowerExcel.

PowerExcel customers connect to their company database using the very same add-in.

A bit more about the paid version of PowerExcel Online and why it is worth checking out:

PowerExcel Online uses your MS Dynamics data to build a basic financial cube. It’s Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow.

That’s cool and there are many tools that can provide you with that, if that’s all you need.

What’s different about PowerExcel is that it doesn’t stop there. It is robust and can go way beyond Income Statements and Cash Flows. Financial reporting and analysis tools are known for being fixed and rigid, so if you are always bumping into limits, you will love PowerExcel. You can develop a unique company model.

As experts in corporate Finance, we’ve seen firsthand how leveraging robust Business Intelligence and Analytics can revolutionize the way businesses handle financial reporting. 💼💰

What’s stopping you from unlocking those game-changing insights? 🤔

Book a call with us today, you’d be surprised how fast things can change.


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