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Web-based, hands-on learning for Microsoft 365 Apps and Microsoft 2019.

XperienceED is CCI Learning’s cutting-edge kinesthetic learning platform. It offers a unique hands-on learning experience that provides the freedom, flexibility, and fundamental tools to educate and learn at any pace, any place, and any time.

It’s geared toward learners from K-12 to Higher Education, government and, corporations that are interested in implementing a unique experience for learners and instructors. All courses are mapped to Certiport’s certification exams – globally accepted, standard-based credentials for validating skills.

For Microsoft 2019 and Microsoft 365 Apps, a live in-app learning experience is offered that provides learners with opportunities for hands-on program application of new concepts and real-world scenarios.

XperienceED is a holistic education solution and offers valuable features and benefits for all users.

Some of the many features include:

• Built-in Microsoft Immersive Reader - customize how learners read for an easier, more accessible experience

• Benchmark assessment - evaluates learner knowledge and skill level

• Prescriptive learning - learners can skip topics they already know and focus on the skills they need to develop

• eBook, QuickDeck and QuickClip resources - personalize how new concepts are learned

• 'Show Solution' - guides learners and ensures understanding of skills

• Build knowledge with ‘Learn Task’

• Units include a problem-based learning ‘Create Project’

• Units include an ‘Objective Assessment’

• Lessons include a ‘Practice Exercise’ and ‘Practice Questions’

• Instructors can enjoy reduced classroom preparation time with instructor resources that:

• Highlight key points

• Reinforce basic concepts

• Augment each lesson

• Allow for personalization for learners with answer keys and study guides

• Instructors control how the course is delivered – prescriptive learning, specific content, or all course content

• Customize the learner experience to complete a deep-dive or accelerated version of the course

• Key analytics empower instructors to manage institutions and, customize study groups and classes

• Supports institutions of all sizes globally and is:

• LTI® (Learning Tools Interoperability) compliant for integration

• Fully integrable with most LMS

The XperienceED for Microsoft Add-in requires a valid license for XperienceED. Contact us at to order today.

Please Note: This Add-in does not support IE, download and install the latest Microsoft Office version or use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or Apple Safari.

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