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Streamline Epicor FP&A processes seamlessly within Excel with our user-friendly add-in.

Excel add-in for Epicor FP&A simplifies your financial reporting and data visualization needs. Seamlessly integrated with Excel, this powerful tool enables you to effortlessly display reports and data from Epicor FP&A within the familiar Excel interface. Whether you're tracking financial performance or presenting critical insights, the add-in enhances efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. Say goodbye to complex data retrieval and hello to a streamlined, intuitive solution that empowers your finance team to make data-driven decisions with ease. With the sole focus on displaying FP&A reports and data, it becomes your go-to solution for efficient financial analysis.

Note: This offer is available only for existing Epicor customers with active Epicor FP&A Cloud module subscriptions. Please get in touch with your Epicor's representative to learn more.

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