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The New Hires web part enhances internal communication by sharing updates on recent team additions.

Welcome New Hires!

The New Hires web part is a useful tool to welcome and introduce the new employees who joined your company recently. It displays a list of new hires with their title, location, and manager. You can also see their start date and a photo if available. The web part uses either an Excel file or a SharePoint list as a source for the new hire data. You can specify which source to use in the web part settings.

How does the New Hires web part work?

The New Hires web part is easy to use and configure. You just need to add the web part to your SharePoint page, and it will automatically pick up the birthday and anniversary dates from a SharePoint List or an Excel file. You can specify the location of the List or Excel file in the settings of the Web Part.

Why is New Hires important in the workplace?

The New Hires web part helps you create a positive and engaging onboarding experience for your new employees. It allows you to recognize their contributions and talents, and connect them with their colleagues and the company culture. Research shows that a good onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%1. By using the New Hires web part, you can show your new employees that you care about them and that they are part of a great team. 😊

Don’t miss the opportunity to recognize and welcome your teammates. Add New Hires to your SharePoint today and make your workplace a happier and more productive place!

How to configure New Hires?

The "New Hires" web part offers a wide range of configuration choices. Use the property pane to select the displayed name for the web part, as well as the preferred information source:

1) SharePoint List: you can select a custom SharePoint list as the source, the required formatting for the list can be copied from our web site:

2) Excel: you can select a Microsoft Excel sheet as the source. Please use this excel template and add your information (do not change the field names or order):

Once you add an information source, the New Hires web part can be used in every SharePoint site and page. New Hires will reference the 'anniversary date' information and will list all new hires that have joined the company in the past 20 days.

Any final requirements to consider?

The New Hires web part needs specific API permissions to extract basic information from user profiles.

1) User.Read : This scope is used to request permission to read basic user profile information. It need to display basic user information, such as the user's name and profile picture.

2) User.Read.All : This scope is used when the application requires permission to read user profiles for all users in the organization. All organization members have access to view the web part results for newly hired employees.

3) User.ReadBasic.All : This scope is used to request permission to read basic user profile information for all users in the organization. All organization members have only needs access to basic user information.

The API permission request should take place automatically upon installing the web part in your App Catalog. The permission can be granted by a SharePoint Administrator.

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