Amalgam Toolkit

Autor: Amalgam Software Inc.

Power up your spreadsheets to sync with a wide array of finance and accounting resources.

Amalgam makes finance teams more efficient

Our Excel toolkit is a spreadsheet-based system for building flexible financial automations that drastically reduce the hours you spend on accounting, reporting, bookkeeping and modeling. Built for data-savvy businesses and individuals who want to use Excel to create repeatable financial processes that connect to their online tools.

How it works:

The Amalgam plugin loads pre-built templates into any spreadsheet with a single click. These templates talk directly to your finance systems, and can be used to download, update, and upload data, replacing manual updates and data entry with repeatable, fully automatable Excel processes.

The more connected it is, the more the Amalgam can do. We have dozens of active integrations like Quickbooks, Xero, Stripe and Shopify. We add more all the time!

Additional Paid Features

Amalgam will work out of the box with basic templates and accounting tools, but larger teams or more complex businesses may need to upgrade to our premium version to get access to things like custom reports, expanded functionality, and more integrations.

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