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Rockhopper allows for spreadsheet reviews, version control, and tracking changes for finance teams.

After enrolling your spreadsheet files and sharing them with Rockhopper users, you can effortlessly track all changes made to your spreadsheets. Additionally, you have the option to commit these changes to Rockhopper's version control application.

Using our difference analysis and cell tracking features users can review and easily filter through cell-level changes made in the actual spreadsheet since the last committed version in Rockhopper.

Rockhopper's version control logs all spreadsheet versions and changes, offering users a contextualized history to easily revert or compare changes between versions.

With Rockhopper software, once you enroll your spreadsheet files via the web app, users gain the ability to communicate within the application. Two distinct areas facilitate communication: the version history screen, where users access the latest working version and track file progress, and the difference analysis view, allowing users to visually identify cell changes and affected formulas.

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