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Improve your customer experience with InvGate Virtual Agent.

InvGate Service Desk is one of the strongest and most effective service management tools in the industry. Acting both as a SaaS and an on-premise solution, it provides an easy-to-use, fit-for-purpose, issue and request management product focused on problem solving and time saving.

InvGate Virtual Agent makes interactions with end users more seamless and efficient within a platform they are already familiar with, significantly improving the conversation experience and quality of service delivered. Built specifically for Microsoft Teams, it is highly customizable so you can tailor it to meet your service management needs.

Automate your internal support with InvGate Virtual Agent, and gain:

  • Efficient knowledge access: users can instantly access solutions from your Knowledge Base articles by asking questions, resulting in reduced resolution times and increased self-service efficiency.

  • Effortless request management: streamline the request process for both users and agents by making it easy to create, submit, and manage requests directly from the Microsoft Teams bot interface.

  • Enhanced visibility: users and agents get a comprehensive view of requestrequests status and stay informed with instant updates and notifications.

Give it a try! We offer a 30-day free trial of Service Desk that can be quickly installed and added to your Microsoft Teams instance.

An active InvGate Service Desk account is required to use this Microsoft Teams app. Contact us to learn more and try out Service Desk. Contact us to learn more and try out Service Desk.

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