Agile Kanban - Task and project management

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Task- and multi project management for business and private use

Keep track of your own and tasks of your team with Agile Kanban.

No matter if you organize a private event or a complex business project.

A simple and intuitive touch interface speeds up project planning and organization.

Agile Kanban integrates with Office 365 and lets your users log in with their corporate account.

If you do not have your own account in Office 365, Agile Kanban also supports signup through the social networks Facebook, Google, Microsoft account or an account, stored in Agile Kanban.

This gives you more flexibility, building your team of colleagues and team members from external companies.

For users who sign in with Office 365, SharePoint libraries can be used as integrated document storage. This leaves control of corporate documents with you.

Every user can integrate Agile Kanban as an internet calendar in Outlook or any other tool, supporting internet calendars. not to miss deadlines across projects. In addition, e-mail notifications can be configured for each board to be notified when new tasks are assigned.

Agile Kanban supports live updates and integration with Microsoft Teams.

In addition to the board, Agile Kanban offers other tools like Gantt, cumulative flow diagram, task lists and more.

For better resource planning, a basic load for daily business can be stored for each team member. This prevents resources from getting overwork.

Try Agile Kanban now. It's free to start!

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