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A unique business process automation platform helps you build forms and workflows instantly

Kianda is an intelligent business process automation software, providing very simple and quick ways for non-technical users to build complex process workflows. Any user can design and publish processes made of professional-looking online forms without the need for coding knowledge.

It helps you unite business departments, free your time for productivity and innovation. Transforms your business to a more agile, more responsive and leaner one, reducing risks and bringing greater accuracy.

Users get to enjoy intuitive forms and flexible business rules, integrating natively to backend systems and eventually focus their time and energy on the tasks that matter to your business.

Build your forms and workflows instantly. Operate Faster, Better and Smarter Processes that range from employee onboarding to complex accounts payable.

Signatures, approvals, requests and archiving are all orchestrated. Below are examples of what Kianda can do for you:

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Customer Queries

  • Marketing Campaign

  • PO Request

  • Expenses

  • Invoicing & Returns

  • Credit Limit Approval

  • Patient Booking and many more...

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