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Control project and portfolio budgets, investments, improve cost management within Project Online

Costs and budget are integral to the project’s success. And while there’s a number of factors that contribute to cost overruns and schedule delays, proper planning, cost transparency and control over expenses are elements that can make the difference.

FluentPro Financials seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project Online to give PMOs greater control over portfolio spending, enabling them to increase ROI on every project stage. Instead of customizing your Microsoft Project Online environment by creating multiple task-level custom fields in Microsoft Project and trying to figure out how to model your cost scenarios, spending categories using custom task fields in project schedules you benefit from using flexible and fully configurable external cost & budget estimation solution that integrates and exports totals to Microsoft Project Online for greater visibility in PWA. Keeping financial estimates, plans and forecasts outside of project schedules provides greater control and alignment with standards and approaches used in Financial Planning and ERP systems.

Estimation, planning and budgeting

  • Create accurate initial estimates of what investment required to complete the project
  • Estimate benefits your company will gain from implementing a project
  • Model various project cost scenarios using cost roll-ups
  • Perform detailed cost planning with user-defined cost types and cost categorization


  • Break down project costs using detailed analysis
  • Optimize financial visibility across multiple portfolios with FluentPro Financials’ reporting
  • Cost plans are external to Project and allow great flexibility of cost modelling and reporting without affecting project plans


  • Financial accountability and transparency across portfolios and projects
  • Independence from task-level costs (plan, baseline, actuals) stored in Microsoft Project schedule provide greater flexibility in financial estimation
  • Tracking of multiple cost types and categories
  • Exporting cost totals to Microsoft Project Online project-level custom fields for viewing on PDPs
  • Analytics and reporting for financial visibility using Microsoft Power BI and Excel

Advanced configurability

  • Support of custom Cost Forecast, Cost Baseline, Cost Budget fields (these costs fields are external, we do not read any cost information from Project)
  • Support of totals mapping to the project-level custom fields in PWA
  • Support of custom Cost Categories to meet your enterprise financial policies and requirements

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